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The morning of Day 6 starts off with a loud siren. Said siren keeps on going for five long seconds before a terribly scratchy voice comes on.

"Uuuuuup and at 'em, test subjects! No sleeping in today, so all of you come on down to the lobby, unless you want to hear some more of siren_001.mp3!"

True to Calhoun's word, that terrible alarm will continue to go off until everyone gathers in the newly lit lobby. With all the florescent lights now on and working, it's clearer to see just how dull this warehouse is. Everything is a boring metallic colour, there are plates covering up any windows, and every door remains shut tight (other than the one leading to the Greenhouse). The elevators have gone back to being closed off from entry, and standing tall and right in front of them is Calhoun. Two suspiciously clothed tables stand on either side of him, with objects clearly under those sheets.

"Sssssssssssssso! I think it's about time we tried something new around here. I'd like to introduce you to something call 'Calhoun Hour'! I've done a few of these before, so I know how to run a real fun one!" He snickers into his paws for a suspiciously long time, then looks back up.

"Today's is called 'Would You Rather'. Yeah, yeah, I know, boring title, but I'm a mouse, not some poetic title maker. Anyway, it's pretty simple. We play a few rounds where I give you two choices and you tell me which one you'd rather do. Here's the catch though: I'm pairing you all up, asides from this one comatose test subject, and you're going to give me your decision together as a pair. So, I'll get three votes in total. I'll tally them up and see which is the most popular choice. The teams who didn't choose that choice will now be forced to do it!"

He puts up a paw and waves his entire arm back and forth, as if cutting the air. He stops for a few seconds though, mid-wave, then resumes right away.

"No ifs, no buts, no ums, you gotta do it! Think I won't keep you all here until you get it done? Because I will, but don't think about trying to cheat the game by all agreeing to the same thing so there are no losing parties. I better see a losing party, all right?"

Calhoun then lowers his arm then walks over to a table put his paws underneath the cloth (tippy-toeing to reach...) and pulls out a few sheets of paper. He walks around to hand them out, sometimes missing and just tossing the sheets into midair, but paying it no mind.

"This will tell you who you're paired up with and your first round, so get to it! You got ten minutes to decide!"
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[Atsuro is...shocked.]

He won't really force us to do one of them, right?
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[ Ellie just... stays quiet. For once, she can't think of anything to say right away, because she knows it's bad. She knows that Calhoun could shock them badly enough to cause a light burn, so what's to say that he can't increase the voltage? That's not something she wants anyone to find out here, and she holds her hands close to her. ]

... I think he might.
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[He finally swears, the reality of the situation hitting him harder than before. The previous rounds are easier to handle, because at least they can move on. But this? Broken fingers or blinded in an eye isn't as easy to recover.]

I don't want to pick, since... what if being blinded in one eye is permanent?
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[ Ellie stops rubbing her wrist (thinking back to what Kaidou said about it possibly breaking a blister) and begins to circle her right hand around her left pinky finger. She looks up. ]

But what if everyone picks broken fingers? Then he's going to force us to blind ourselves anyway, and then the vote would have been for nothing.
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Then... should we vote otherwise? It wouldn't be pointless if the vote's split between us.

[He looks at the other groups. What would they vote for...?]
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I think so... If the votes are at least split down in half, he can't force us to do something.

[ Sweet summer child... ]
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[He wants to believe that, but maybe they would be forced to do something. But they would still be forced to vote if they dawdle.]

So... how should we vote? Do you know what the others are going for?
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No idea. We'll have to ask them, but... I can't see them voting for anything but a broken finger.

[ Because a broken finger is always better than going blind... ]
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I agree. It'd get in the way, but not as badly as going blind, I think.

[So they're going to vote for "blind"...]
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... What do you think it'd do if we had a tie?

[ Referring to Calhoun and if their votes came to 1-1 ]
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...I doubt it'll let us get out of this. We'd be forced to do something...

[He seems to be thinking it.]

Maybe make all of us do the act?
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You mean like everyone will have to break their fingers or blind themselves?
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[He nods.] That's what I think, if we end up in a tie.