18 September 2015 @ 11:55 pm

It's been ten days since the so-called "anniversary" on Day 90. Every single trace of a makeshift casino has been cleared out, leaving this suspiciously identical second warehouse empty (and the doors within that lobby locked), and Calhoun has mysteriously stopped dropping by as often as he should have. In the rare times he did drop by, he hemmed and hawed about what was happening and outright avoided answering any questions, shrieking that he's a busy mouse and he shouldn't be harassed by test subjects.

Thus, for nine whole days, not a single particular event has occurred. No Calhoun Hours, Ambidex Games, or even a little announcement. It's not until the morning of the tenth day that something finally transpired.

A loud siren goes off and the sound of a heavy door being slid open echoes from the second warehouse's lobby. Within seconds, however, both nuances cease and silence returns...
07 August 2015 @ 10:57 am

Back on the morning of Day 90, the original group has been given access to a new location, The Library, only after seeing this note:

library is open
go use it or whatever
don't trash it or else!!!!! (♯`∧´)
i got my eye on you!!!
brb later
~ ᘛᕐᐷ
An Ambidex Round was planned for this day, but instead, Calhoun was nowhere to be seen. He completely disappeared and left the test subjects to do whatever they pleased. It's not until the early afternoon that his lovely voice rings throughout the speakers:

"Ahem, aaaaahem!! Okay, so! I'm sure that you illiterate bunch have seen my note on the floor earlier today, which tells you to all go to the library. If you're not there already, then get in there, because I'm going to tell you about a seeeeecret ennnnntranceeee, ohhhhhhh."

There's a few more seconds of 'ohhh's and 'ahhhh's before Calhoun moves on.

"Normally, I'd have you play Moonlight Sonata on the piano to open up the hidden doorway, but that's too much work, so just get over to the furthest bookshelf in the back and give it a biiiiig pull. I've unlocked it for you already, so it'll just swing right open like a door! Go through it and I'll see you losers soon."

The intercom goes silent, but true to his word, should someone pull back the extremely heavy bookcase, a long and dark hallway is presented to them. It certainly hasn't seen much use, as evidenced by the dust and cobwebs, but once everyone reaches the end of the hall, an identical first floor lobby greets them. Every single window bolted shut, and only florescent lights illuminate the room. The security cameras line up in the exact same locations, a row of Ambidex Rooms lined up against the wall, and there's even an identical Number 9 door. It's an exact replica, asides from a "few" details...

A large blinking sign hangs up high on the centre of the back wall. It reads "CALHOUN'S PLEASURE PARADISE" and features a large photo of Calhoun with a large wad of flaming cash in one hand, which he holds underneath a cigar super glued to his gas mask. It's unique, to say the least, and there are rows and rows of slot machines line up in the centre. Tables with games such as blackjack and poker take up the sides, and there's even a pool table nearby. One end has a small mini-bar, with all the crab legs you can eat, and loud music blares throughout the entire room. Unfortunately(?), a good number of the machines and tables are being run by your favourite robotic friends, complete with damaged synthetic skin. They don't answer or seem responsive, other than playing on the slots or dishing out cards, and they each have a cigar or two stuck in their mouths, which Calhoun must have shoved in there.

Speaking of the rodent, Calhoun sits at a large table with a deck of cards, dressed in a long white dress shirt and a red vest. The cigar glued to his mask, as shown in the sign, still remains, and he adjusts his bow tie at the sight of everyone.

"Happy anniversary, test subjects! What's a better way to celebrate this disgustingly heart crushing moment but to go all out with a taste of Las Vegas!" He shouts, but then places a paw to his chin. "Or was it Los Plagas... It was Las or Los something. It's way too hard to keep track of the million places."

He looks back up and waves it off. "Whatever, anyway! Go ahead and gamble, drink to your heart's content, I don't care, just do something useful while you're here, all right? And because I know that some of you don't have any coins because you're bad with money management or just really dumb or something, and also because I'm such a kind mouse, I left you all a little baggie gift at the bar."

"I better see you gambling those off though! What fun would it be if you don't try to test your luck?"
29 June 2015 @ 06:16 pm

Since the second group's first Calhoun Hour, the mouse in question hasn't appeared in the warehouse for longer than 30 minutes at a time. He only arrives during the early mornings to tape a random fruit of the day (apples, oranges, and pears so far) before scurrying off with his wagon. He refuses to provide any sort of medical relief for any of the test subjects, and does nothing more but providing the bare minimum to survive. So, when Day 9 rolls around, three days since that faithful finger breaking/eye blinding experience, it's no different; Calhoun comes in, tapes up some bananas, then promptly leaves afterwards, all without a word.

An hour after he leaves, though... The screen in the Greenhouse, up against the wall besides the entrance, finally comes to life for the first time. It flickers on and on, flashing brightly. At first, there's nothing but static. Soon enough, though, it stays a consistent green tint. A blinking cursor hovers at the bottom and stays there for a few seconds, before it begins to type.




And it ends there...
18 June 2015 @ 09:32 pm

The morning of Day 6 starts off with a loud siren. Said siren keeps on going for five long seconds before a terribly scratchy voice comes on.

"Uuuuuup and at 'em, test subjects! No sleeping in today, so all of you come on down to the lobby, unless you want to hear some more of siren_001.mp3!"

True to Calhoun's word, that terrible alarm will continue to go off until everyone gathers in the newly lit lobby. With all the florescent lights now on and working, it's clearer to see just how dull this warehouse is. Everything is a boring metallic colour, there are plates covering up any windows, and every door remains shut tight (other than the one leading to the Greenhouse). The elevators have gone back to being closed off from entry, and standing tall and right in front of them is Calhoun. Two suspiciously clothed tables stand on either side of him, with objects clearly under those sheets.

"Sssssssssssssso! I think it's about time we tried something new around here. I'd like to introduce you to something call 'Calhoun Hour'! I've done a few of these before, so I know how to run a real fun one!" He snickers into his paws for a suspiciously long time, then looks back up.

"Today's is called 'Would You Rather'. Yeah, yeah, I know, boring title, but I'm a mouse, not some poetic title maker. Anyway, it's pretty simple. We play a few rounds where I give you two choices and you tell me which one you'd rather do. Here's the catch though: I'm pairing you all up, asides from this one comatose test subject, and you're going to give me your decision together as a pair. So, I'll get three votes in total. I'll tally them up and see which is the most popular choice. The teams who didn't choose that choice will now be forced to do it!"

He puts up a paw and waves his entire arm back and forth, as if cutting the air. He stops for a few seconds though, mid-wave, then resumes right away.

"No ifs, no buts, no ums, you gotta do it! Think I won't keep you all here until you get it done? Because I will, but don't think about trying to cheat the game by all agreeing to the same thing so there are no losing parties. I better see a losing party, all right?"

Calhoun then lowers his arm then walks over to a table put his paws underneath the cloth (tippy-toeing to reach...) and pulls out a few sheets of paper. He walks around to hand them out, sometimes missing and just tossing the sheets into midair, but paying it no mind.

"This will tell you who you're paired up with and your first round, so get to it! You got ten minutes to decide!"
12 June 2015 @ 06:34 pm
one new mouse  

It's been two days since the vote. Since then, there has been little activity. The speakers have never been turned on since that day, and there's been no sign of the owner of that voice. No further contact has been made, and it seems as if the group was abandoned again without a clue as to why they're here.

... Unless any members of the group are lucky enough to wake up early enough to catch a glimpse of something, uh, "new"...

In the Greenhouse, while the artificial sky is a reddish colour from "sunrise", a large metal ladder is placed in front of the sickly trees. Beside the ladder is a children's wagon, filled with apples, and on top is an upright mouse with a gas mask... Yeah, as if this place couldn't get any weirder.

The mouse quietly mumbles to itself, something along the lines of "... work... not paid... test subjects... spoiled", and holds an apple in one paw and a tape gun in the other. It appears to be taping the apples to the tree branches, one at a time, occasionally climbing down to grab an armful of apples to bring up. It's only a third way through the pile of apples (which only seems to be about a dozen...) so catch it while you can.
05 June 2015 @ 10:04 pm

One whole day after the second group’s arrival (along with one whole day since the dead body’s discovery...), some sort of activity in the warehouse begins. Early in the morning, there is an abrupt squawk of microphone feedback over the loudspeakers (and since when were there loudspeakers?), before a screechy voice makes a terse announcement:

“Ahem, ahem, testing. One, two, three, testing! Ooookay, looks like this is up and running. So, you pesky test subjects, what a mess you’ve made! I take my eyes off you for just a moment and this is what happens. You really are a terrible bunch, aren’t you?”

The “voice” clicks its tongue three times, letting out a heavy sigh, before continuing.

“Anyway, let’s get this all sorted out! Know those elevators back out in the lobby? Well, first of all, they’re not elevators. They’re called Ambidex Rooms, so get it right, but second of all, why don’t you all make yourselves useful for once and step into them? Only one test subject per room, though! You can try to go in with someone else, but we just don’t start. What is that? You don’t want to go in? Then we can do this aaaaaaaaall day, I’m a very patient mouse, I’ll let you know!”

And with that, the mysterious announcer goes silent. In fact, they’ll stay quiet until all the test subjects finally enter one of the AB Rooms, no matter how long it take. Once inside, the doors shut close, trapping them all inside..
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29 May 2015 @ 07:32 pm
welcome to round two  

T H E  W A R E H O U S E

Welcome to the 【 Warehouse 】.

Or at least, another side of the Warehouse. While unknowing to the new batch of test subjects, it's almost identical to the first group's. There are a few elevators (obviously shut tight), every window is bolted shut, surveillance cameras in every corner, and there's a giant door with a 9 painted on it. There are noticeable differences and one of them is just how dark it is.

The only source of artificial illumination in the lobby are a panel of florescent lights above the elevators, and the occasional flickering of the camera's LEDs. A few scattered and dying fire pits help provide a greater sense of visibility, but just by a slight margin. However, it's obvious to see (and to test) that all the doors are sealed tight and that there doesn't appear to be any apparent exits, which is quite a shame, really, considering that an exit would be quite desirable after noticing all the weapons littering the floor.

While they're not your typical weapons (no guns, no swords, no axes), all the items on the ground seems heavily used and splattered with blood: a shovel, a pitchfork, a rake, trowels, scissors, knives, and such on. Some have seen more bloodshed than others, but regardless, none of these items seem particularly new. They have all seen better days, and the same could be said about the test subjects.

Each and every character will awaken with various scrapes, bruises, and dried blood. The degree of injuries they may have on them will vary from character to character, but no one character will be unharmed. On top of that, they will all find a bracelet wrapped around their left wrists. It looks a lot like a digital watch, but characters will suspect it is broken, as the face is completely blank. There are two buttons on the top, but other than producing a satisfying click, pressing them does absolutely nothing. Trying to take it off is a futile effort as well, as they do not have a visible clasp for the characters to undo.

To make this entire situation worse, test subjects will recall nothing.

They may find objects that may resonate with them, that feel familiar in their hands, along with having a general idea of knowing just who they are (names, likes, dislikes, peeves, etc), but trying to remember what happened? Why they're here? Where they even are? It'd all be one giant blur and trying to force a memory only leads to a headache.

So, well, test subjects, better start figuring things out. Relying on your memories clearly isn't helping.

24 April 2015 @ 05:07 pm
the library  

T H E  L I B R A R Y

Yet another day, yet another round of everyone's favourite Ambidex games. Except... wait, where's the rude morning awakening? The screeching mouse with the megaphone? The whole 'get your test subject bottoms up to a new floor and get to work' kind of nonsense? There's none of that and characters are even left to sleep in, should they want. All they find is a crudely written note on the first floor lobby that reads:

library is open
go use it or whatever
don't trash it or else!!!!! (♯`∧´)
i got my eye on you!!!
brb later
~ ᘛᕐᐷ

And with that, the previously locked library on the first floor, sandwiched between the sleeping dorms and lobby, is open. It appears the same as it did back during the blackout, asides from the fact that it's much tidier. Being a small library that one might find in a home, it's not as grand as one might like it but when is Zero ever that generous? At the very least, there're enough shelves and books that cover a wide variety of subjects and genres for everyone. Fiction, non-fiction, dictionaries, textbooks, and such on. The only downside of all this is that everything seems extremely outdated. The most recent book is still years old and some of these are even dated decades ago. There's a thick layer of dust covering most of these books, suggesting that this room hasn't been used in a while, but hey, free reading materials?

basic infomingle
13 April 2015 @ 07:03 pm

Yet another day, yet another Calhoun Hour where characters find themselves waking up in a new and unfamiliar area. The first thing characters will notice that it's dusty and dark. With almost no lighting whatsoever, characters will be unable to see anything in front of them. Are they with someone else or did they wake up alone? That's something they will have to figure out after Calhoun's announcement.

"Ahem, ahem. Testing, one two three, testing. Well, gooooood evening, test subjects! Yes, you have really been knocked out for that long, but it only fits the mood of today's game."

He snickers then continues.

"How many of you like the horror genre? I bet half of you do, but I hate it! Cheap and cheesy effects with lame jump scares, and what is this, The Human Centipede? "100% medically accurate"? Just ugh, that's not even horror. That's just an insult to science and medicine."

"Anyway, I thought I'd put my own twist to trying out this horror business, so welcome to my little haunted school! Now, all of you should find yourselves a nice little camera and pocket flashlight. I want you all to do me a little favour and take a nice photo of at least five different of my best friends down there. I'm not asking for breathtaking photos, but at least put some effort into it, test subjects. Do that and, you know what, I'm feeling generous, I'll give you whatever you want in the shop and I guess a memory or something, whatever, we'll talk later, test subjects!"

And with that, it goes silent...

03 April 2015 @ 11:30 am

Early in the morning of Day 84, an announcement booms from the warehouse speakers:

"All test subjects report to the first floor lobby immediately for your next experiment."

Zero's unmistakable garbled voice goes silent afterwards. Once everyone gathers downstairs, they'll be treated to an unexpected sight: Zero standing in front of them in the flesh. Standing tall (at 5'4"...), they're donned in the same piece of clothing everyone remembers them in: a black raincoat (large and long enough that it covers their entire body, leaving no distinguishable features), a full facial gas mask, and matching black gloves. It seems as if Zero really dislikes showing skin...

"Today, you will be participating in a game of, what you may call, 'Bingo'. I believe most of you have participated in this before. The rules and explanations are on the back of the cards." An arm is raised to motion towards the paper cards scattered on the nearby table, then it falls again.

"Due to some... unfortunate events, I will monitor you in person. However, do not underestimate what will happen to you should you decide to cheat, escape, attack, or do anything that will break my rules. Your bracelets are still very functional and my cameras will continue to record every move you take, so I suggest that you refrain from doing anything foolish."

"Now begin."

24 March 2015 @ 04:09 pm
ambidex voting #17  

A M B I D E X  V O T I N G

Once everyone exits their respective rooms, Zero's voice will be heard over the speakers:

"Proceed into the Ambidex Rooms and cast your vote. You will be given 45 minutes to decide."

And with that, the elevator doors open and the PA system turns itself off. It seems as if there are no rewards or any of that nonsense this time around...

15 March 2015 @ 04:32 pm
ambidex voting #16  

A M B I D E X  V O T I N G

Once everyone exits their respective rooms, Zero's voice will be heard over the speakers:

"Proceed into the Ambidex Rooms and cast your vote. You will be given 45 minutes to decide."

And with that, the elevator doors open and the PA system turns itself off. It seems as if there are no rewards or any of that nonsense this time around...

04 March 2015 @ 09:49 pm
ambidex voting #15  

A M B I D E X  V O T I N G

Once everyone exits their respective rooms, Zero's voice will be heard over the speakers:

"Proceed into the Ambidex Rooms and cast your vote. You will be given 45 minutes to decide."

And with that, the elevator doors open and the PA system turns itself off. It seems as if there are no rewards or any of that nonsense this time around...

25 February 2015 @ 08:18 pm
open post etc  
[In the time before the puzzle room goes up and after the happy friendship party that was the last Calhoun (Zero?) Hour feel free to use this post for whatever you want. Top levels, threads with dudes, whatever, live life freely.]

[If you're interested in harassing Hershel here's what he'll be doing:

a) Asking people if they want laundry done. Not unmentionables, he's not some sort of cad here, but he's got shit all to do, can't sleep and might as well do something useful, right? Right. Feel free to find him near the stream, trying not to nod off since getting shocked in the water probably wasn't the best idea in the world. Possibly. Or trying to mend tears or something and making a mess of it. He'll never be a proper old maid at this rate.

b) Trying to play videogames maybe? And by 'play' I mean 'make faces at as they get steadily worse.' He might try a movie or two in the vain hope something will be manageable to watch but yeah. Yeah. Basically any late night lounge activity, assuming no one's already asleep in there, have at.

c) These are hard to think of, I guess trying to fencing practice in the gym with his shiny new foil, curtesy of Mr. Sasuke Sagami. Try not to get accidentally jabbed by a giant needle with a blunt bit on the end, it probably sucks.

Or whatever, do whatever you'd like. He'll basically be wandering around aimlessly mostly anyway, being completely useless to everyone because he's tired.]
19 February 2015 @ 08:14 pm

It has been two and a half days since the end of the virus takeover. The power, lights, and heating has been turned back on. All the newer areas have been sealed, BP is once again required in certain rooms, and it appears that everything is returning back to normal.

Asides from Calhoun.

Whether characters have chosen to give pieces of Calhoun to Zero, to hold onto them, or to destroy them, it does not matter. There has been no indications as to when he would ever be back, so there has been a robotic mouse void within the warehouse. Zero has refused to leave any information as to the status of rebuilding Calhoun, but they have left this one message for everyone shortly after the power restoration:

"While you may be left alone to your devices, do not trick yourselves into thinking that there is a way out of here, or that you can do as you please. I will always be watching."

It has been two days since Zero has left these parting words before entirely disappearing. When attempting to call for them, everyone will only be responded with silence. It's clear that they're still watching over the facility though, as any kind of rule breaking or suspicious activities would automatically be rewarded with an injection of Soporil β. True to their word, Zero is somehow monitoring the behaviors without saying a single word.

It is not until the morning of Day 72 does everyone hear again from them again, through the speakers throughout the warehouse.

"Good morning, Subjects. Today, you will be partaking in another experiment of mine. It has come to my knowledge that my assistant has been throwing these so-called "Calhoun Hours" every three days to keep everyone stimulated between his rooms. Don't assume that I will do anything similar of the sort. This activity has far more care and thought put into it than this camping nonsense, so let us begin."

"The rules are simple: every test subject will be paired up and placed against each other. The collective will then have to vote for one of the pair. The one with the fewest amount of votes will be subjective to a punishment of my choice. The one with the most amount of votes will continue their dull experimental lives until the next set of events."

"Any petty attempts of rebellion will be met with serious repercussions, so I would suggest that you rethink any sort of plans."

"Now, best of luck, Subjects. We will talk again soon."

12 February 2015 @ 03:38 pm
The sleepless night [Open]  
By the evening of day 69, when things were at least reasonably under control, Heiji was pretty tired. And while he did want to just fall asleep on the nearest flat surface, wasn't this the perfect opportunity to actually enjoy what they could while Zero still didn't have full control of the warehouse?

Answer: Yes.

A: Gutting a fish, setting up campfire stuff
The last time he'd been allowed into the maze with Hershel, they'd both regretted the lost opportunity. A whole fish tank room full of fish, most of them the kind that were actually supposed to be eaten rather than looked at. And they were going to die soon, anyway, right? Without power.

So technically just leaving them would be terribly wasteful and tl;dr Heiji was carrying a giant floppy wet salmon in both arms over to the river where he was going to (in theory) gut it and scale it and cook it because you know what, he wanted some actual food.

B: Campfire dinner
After a great deal of effort and setup, the smell of cooking salmon began wafting over the garden; once it was near to done, Heiji would start contacting people over the bracelets to tell them what was up and to bring any food or supplies they wanted if they'd found any. Who knows, maybe someone'd find some vegetables they could cook or something.

C: Reading mystery novels/textbooks/language guides
After dinner was over, Heiji was just going to set down with a stack of books and start reading some mystery novels, maybe offer to read something he'd found in the library with someone. HE MISSED READING OKAY, it was his life.

D: Music room
And of course now that the music room was temporarily open, Heiji was looking everywhere for Snake to hopefully listen to some piano playing for real. ...Although he wasn't above trying it out for himself, as well as the other instruments. Or maybe just shredding some cloth in here for bandages.
10 February 2015 @ 04:57 pm

Shortly after the conversation with Zero ends, Zero opens the doors of the Garden and allows everyone to leave. However, the rest of the warehouse isn't better than the Garden:

The lights are still off, leaving everyone surrounded in darkness. The temperature just keeps on dropping, reaching near freezing point. The air feels more and more polluted, making it difficult to breathe without coughing, and nothing seems to be working as they should be. The electronic doors refuse to open without any power source, cutting off access to the cafeteria and dorms. At the very least, Zero has managed to open all the doors leading to puzzle rooms and has informed the group that new areas are now accessible to them, but they're on their own should they want to enter any other rooms.

Before the screens in the Garden turn off, Zero finally informs them that a new feature has been unlocked on their bracelets: any test subject wearing a bracelet may communicate with one another with the bracelet acting as a communication device. Holding onto the left button will enable the line to open just like a walkie-talkie. As long as test subjects are in the warehouse, they will have no troubles speaking with one another. What if they wish to talk to Zero? Zero's time is not be riffled, but they were generous enough to appear whenever anyone found a screen and pressed the on button a total of three quick successions.

And with that, Zero disappears from the grids and finally leaves everyone in complete darkness, leaving only one last piece:

"Best of luck, Test Subjects."

07 February 2015 @ 02:25 pm

It's another day, it's another start of Calhoun Hours. Bright and early in the morning, Calhoun marches into the middle of the first floor lobby and shrieks into his megaphone.

"All right, up to the Garden with all of you! C'mon, hurry up, I'm not going to wait for you lazy bunch!" He impatiently taps on his paw on the ground, but then stops. "Hmm, actually, nah, take your time. I'll just meet you all there in a jiffy!"

And with that, he rushes off to take the stairs to the Garden. Listen to him and slowly make your way, or rush up, it doesn't matter. After everyone assembles in the artificial room, Calhoun is standing by the waterfall, staring off into nothing. He just nods to himself a few times and doesn't even seem to notice the presence of the test subjects though. It's not until about ten seconds later that he turns and tilts his head.

"Whoa, don't sneak up on me like that, test subjects! Sheesh, trying to give this mouse a heart attack?" He huffs but then slides back to his regular mood. "So! Today's event will be called camping! Yeah, I got no clever name for it, sue me, but whatever, go set up a tent or other prep-work. I couldn't bring in all the supplies for this so you'll just have to make due until later tonight."

He runs away from the waterfall, but manages to trip on nothing a few steps in. He stays on the ground, as if trying to trick everyone that he's going to stay there for a while, but then pushes himself back up to make his way to the centre of the Garden. He then raises his arms out, as if he's presenting something.

"Even though I didn't manage to grab everything, I hope you like what I did to the place! Sure looks like a real campground, huh?" Asides from a few tent kits scattered around, there... isn't actually much at all. A few of the screen grids (that normally display the sky) are either turned off to a boring black colour or in a constant static display, but asides from that, everything looks exactly the same. Calhoun doesn't seem to really care though as he keeps on talking.

"Soooooooooooooooooooo, get to it, or something. Do whatever you test subjects do during events like these, chip chop chap!!"

05 February 2015 @ 02:50 pm
basically another mingle  
[ On this beautiful Day 68, it's been another one of those days where there is literally nothing going on. Sure, there's that Calhoun Hour tomorrow and there's always something every three days but when they're given downtime like this? It's absolutely boring, like watching paint dry boring. Truly nothing to do, and it's worse when you can't fall asleep (because it is just so exciting to have the next event, oh boy...). It's not as bad as the night of the AB Round, but PTSD is an ass so Jake stays up once again and is absolutely dying of boredom. ]

[ Because the night is so ridiculously long, e'd be just literally anywhere and everywhere, so feel more than free to find him in any of the following locations: ]

[ A) In the Gym: he's not much for using the bikes, and not really in the mood for the weights. If only the mat didn't smell like complete garbage that he would be more keen to using it, but beggars can't be choosers, so if you're that bored and hate yourself, you can wrestle with Jake here, or learn some self-defense nonsense. If not, he's just going to find himself examining the punching bag (yet not use it), or taking inventory of all the medical supplies (or whatever he can use in lieu of them, like extra bedsheets as bandages). Another good time to learn basic first aid? ]

[ B) In the Garden: there's no fire this time. However, there is other nonsense here like making paper boats (yeah, he's that fucking bored), writing nonsense in whatever language he feels like (probably in Ukrainian but English, really basic Chinese fuck if I know, or the language they have here are all possible too; maybe all together for the ultimate nonsensical writing?), or lifting up one of the benches to place it side by side the other bench to make a nice makeshift bed. ]

[ C) In the Lounge: he's not even doing anything but sitting on the couch. It's one of those moments when you're tired but you can't sleep, so you just stare off into space, just thinking about whatever. That's just his state right now, so sneak up on him? Which isn't the best idea, but he's not as jumpy as before, so ehh, it's all right. Just come and stare at the turned off TV or gossip or make of how he slips up his accents here. He should be tired enough for that. ]

[ Be free, test subjects, tag whatever. This idiot isn't going to be sleeping for a while. ]
04 February 2015 @ 06:16 pm
The Cornered Detective [closed]  
After a day or two of insisting to Hershel that Snake was stupid and his face was stupid and Heiji didn't care about him anyway, SO THERE, Heiji... went looking for Snake.

In fact, now that he'd had some time to cool down, his anger (which had always been quick to come and go) had dissipated, leaving Heiji mostly with the unhappy feeling that he missed having Snake around. Maybe. A little.